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PRPH welcomes all individuals who have developmental disabilities. Participants must have either a qualifying diagnosis of mental disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, neurological impairment, autism, or a closely related condition OR  have impairment of intellectual functioning (FSIQ < 70) or functional limitations with a substantial handicap.  PRPH reserves the right to remove a participant from a program due to participant’s behavior.


Registration Procedures

All participants must complete the full registration packet.  Returning participants will be given priority on programs that have limited enrollment.  A medical form authorizing participation in the recreation programs must be on-file and be current within a year.  Registration deadlines are 2 weeks prior to the program start dates. After that date,  please call the office to determine availability to join the program. 


Program Fees                                              

An annual  $50 registration fee is required for participation in any of the programs and is  renewable annually.  Program fees are designated for each program and are payable by session. Program fees are due two weeks prior to the first date of a program block.  NO REFUNDS will be made for missed programs. Credits are given for programs cancelled due to weather or other circumstances.  

Weather Advisory/Cancellations                     

PRPH programs will not meet if a local school (Carmel, Brewster, Mahopac) is closed or dismisses early due to inclement weather.  Imminent probability of inclement weather 2 hours before, during, and after a program will cause that program to be cancelled. All efforts will be made to leave a message on the PRPH office phone confirming program cancellation. You may also listen to WHUD 100.7 for closing information and check our website  In the event of other cancellations, like power outages or lack of  participants, every effort will be made to contact participants directly. Participants will be credited for the cancelled programs.


Updated August 17, 2018

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